Apartment for days from the owner. Domodedovsky

Posted by admin | Commercial real estate | Tuesday 8 March 2011 3:01 pm

One-room apartment after fresh repair. A case, 2 sleeping bed, an armchair folding, a sideboard, the TV

100см, DVD. Home appliances all in presence. The refrigerator, the washing machine, an electro-teapot, the iron, bed-clothes,

Ware. S/u it is combined. The limitless Internet, wi-fi. 8(985) 998-6780

By the day apartment Kursk

I will hand over 1 kom. Kvartiru for days and more.

The washing machine, the refrigerator, sofa, bed, furniture, kitchen set, a towel, All conditions for comfortable residing.

The developer informs on a victory in court over inhabitants of the Small Kozihinsky lane

Posted by admin | Building | Tuesday 8 March 2011 8:26 am

The Presnensky court of Moscow has confirmed legality of building of hotel in the Small Kozihinsky lane for Open Company “Studio TRITE”.

Thus, the court has refused to inhabitants of a lane the claim about a recognition illegal orders of the government of Moscow about building of this hotel, is told in the press release of Open Company «BEL Development» which has arrived in GZT.RU.

In the company are underlined that the project on hotel building is carried out according to

Objects of Summit were highly appreciated by the Japanese ambassador

Posted by admin | real estate | Tuesday 8 March 2011 6:30 am

The plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan in the Russian Federation Mr. Kono Masaharu has examined objects of the Summit on island Russian

Today the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan in the Russian Federation Mr. Kono Masaharu and accompanying his faces from among diplomatic workers and representatives of large Japanese business have examined under construction objects of Summit on island Russian. The delegation from the Japanese party totaled 31 persons. From the Russian side delegation accompanied General director FGU “Far East management Minregiona of the Russian Federation” Evgenie Rogoza whom Russian, the first deputy of General director FGU “Far East management Minregiona of the Russian Federation” Victor Primachuk, the deputy director of FGU DSD “Vladivostok” Oleg Derjabin, the assistant to the general director of Joint-Stock Company “International Crocus” Marat Grinberg and the director of department for development of campus DVFU Anna Bondarenko has acted as the basic lecturer about a course of building of objects of Summit on island.

Covering for a roof

Posted by admin | rent an apartment | Saturday 5 March 2011 9:56 pm

Now you can cover a roof of the house azure, a dark green, pistachio, dark blue tile. The colour palette of a ceramic tile last years became much richer. And it not including classical red, brown, black and grey shades. Then as if the metal tile and «a soft roof» – in 2-3 times has less. It is steady against influence of aggressive substances, a wind, solar radiation, has small heat conductivity, possesses good shumoizoljatsionnymi properties. The difference in the price arises for the account dobornyh elements. Separate wrongly believe that in the course of time under a roof from a natural tile can give or fail derevja. Whether to take a metal tile or other roofing covering easier?» To solve, certainly, to the owner, however it is recommended to consider the objective facts. Besides, the tile can be as if matte, and glossy, glazed. Reliability, durability, universality and an aesthetics – here in the distance all list of advantages of a tile. Buildings under similar a roof were under construction in ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. However it is compensated by following circumstance. The tile is cold-resistant and fireproof. Ten centuries ago ljud have opened for itself wonderful qualities of a natural tile. They are organically entered as if in a modern landscape of streets, and a natural landscape. Houses under a tile possess inexpressible charm. Term of use of a tile – более100

Gipsokartonnye panels – gypsum cardboard kinds.

Posted by admin | The housing and communal services | Saturday 5 March 2011 6:03 pm

All gipsokartonnye panels which we considered without dependence from the sizes, thickness and colours have three versions of an edge. Utonshennye edges on face sheet are used at performance of painting and decorating, they allow to close up accurately seams between sheets. If to look at face sheet of sheet that these edges you will see at the left and right sheet edges, their width, as

Project Expert

Posted by admin | Real estate of Russia | Thursday 3 March 2011 12:31 am

Project Expert: the program for working out of business plans and the analysis of investment projects

Project Expert – the tool of strategic planning which is irreplaceable, when you:

• start business plan preparation

• develop the project FEASIBILITY REPORT

• prepare release of new production

• plan manufacture modernization

• consider directions of development of business

• prepare company re-structuring

• give credits to real sector

• be engaged in design financing

At the heart of work Project Expert – creation of financial model of planned business and its all-round economic analysis.

Project Expert – the answer to a question “As”:

• to Develop the business plan

• to carry out the analysis of the investment project

• to Define requirement for the involved means and to simulate financing schemes

• to Prove to the investor efficiency of investments in the project

• to Analyse profitableness of divisions and planned to output

• to Compare possible variants of programs of development of manufacture and scenarios of development of business

• Quantitatively to estimate design risks

• to Predict and estimate cost of planned business

Corresponds to the international standards

At the heart of Project Expert – a technique of the analysis of investment projects UNIDO. The look-ahead reporting is given in the form corresponding MSFO.

Considers economic realities

It is recommended to use by a number of the federal ministries and administrations of regions as the standard tool for working out of business plans of the enterprises

Saves time for preparation of business plans and reports

On the basis of financial model forms well structured and clear to investors reports.

It is delivered in the form of a ruler

From Standard – preparation of simple projects

To Professional and Holding – the profound analysis of projects diversifitsirovannyh the companies and holdings

» There are no similar records

How beat out debts without irons and soldering irons?

Posted by admin | Two room apartment | Wednesday 2 March 2011 9:52 pm

T-shirt with Victor Tsoy Vy sometime lent?

Certainly, not those three roubles to a pay during a Brezhnev’s epoch when the tram ticket cost 3 copecks, and the considerable sum on receipt. Also what, all returned to you in time?

Then you, obviously, did not hear about “white” and «black collectors». But about them a bit later.

Today the quantity of debtors under credits and not repaying debts to physical persons has increased, as a snow clod. What to do – crisis, and conscience during a market epoch torments less. After all you take strangers, and it is necessary to give the.

In dashing 90 debts were beaten out easily and simply. Bratki, gaining money in this field, used not only moral pressure upon the debtor, but also a tooling in the form of soldering irons, irons and door jambs. Undoubtedly, heated sting of a soldering iron in back pass or the fingers clamped in a doorway, – argument strong. Money for debt returning was quickly and if the necessary sum did not suffice (”counter” established by gangsters added penal percent) it was necessary to sell the car, and even apartment. Life after all is more expensive acquired, isn’t it?

Now with returning of debts all is differently. This procedure was included into more or less civilised channel. Have appeared, and so-called «collector agencies» which similar services officially render recently have simply bred. The diplomaed lawyers, psychologists and economic advisers enter into their staff. They any more do not use soldering irons and irons unless before a meeting with the client trousers will stroke.

Apartment For Days, Chas. Rjadom of the underground. M. Kursk

Posted by admin | rent an apartment | Wednesday 2 March 2011 1:38 pm

The mistress hands over good apartment. Fresh linen, the big bed, the refrigerator, the TV, and all necessary for residing. Calmness, confidentiality it is guaranteed. 3-5 mines on foot from the underground. (At desire we make the contract, a photo real.) 8 926 1697155.

2.k-apartment for days. Cheaply Textile workers

In two minutes on foot from the underground Textile workers surrenders isolated 2-k.kvartira. In 4-berth apartment. Two TVs, one in a room, another on kitchen. The microwave oven the furnace. S/u joint in a tile to a ceiling. The limitless Internet. The apartment doesn’t surrender for pleasure actions, days of births etc. For your safety in the house video observation is conducted. 8-926-759-5561

Defects of painting coverings and ways of their elimination

Posted by admin | Commercial real estate | Wednesday 2 March 2011 10:06 am

At carrying out of painting works, occurrence of the various defects arising for the most different reasons is possible. We will consider most often arising defects and ways of their elimination:

1. Occurrence of fat stains on the plastered surface. More often this defect arises because of the rest of the various oils forming not drying stains. To eliminate fat stains it is possible by clearing of the damaged site and repeated imposing of a plaster coat. After plaster will dry up, it is necessary to wash out again plastered surface an alkaline solution.

2. Formation of stains of a rust. Defect arises at penetration oksida gland through a fresh paint or plaster. If the stain has the big size, plaster or a paint should be removed then to wash out a site of 3 % hydrochloric acid. If a site from defects not the big size it is possible to try, after washing of a site by acid to ground a place of occurrence of a stain a first coat on the basis of a copper vitriol (is available on sale in any household shop).

3. The paint starts to depart from the basis. As the reason of occurrence of defect basis badly prepared under painting (the surface hasn’t been cleared of old paint coats) serves. To eliminate the arisen defect, it is necessary to clear and ground the painted basis then repeatedly to paint. If the site with an exfoliating paint isn’t too great, it is necessary to grind plaster then to ground a site and to paint it again.

Precisely following the listed instructions, it is possible to get rid easily of three most widespread defects arising at carrying out of painting works, independently.

Degree of satisfaction of performance of repair (building) works. Poll of townsmen Vinnitsa

Posted by admin | The housing and communal services | Tuesday 1 March 2011 10:32 pm

Respondents who employed the building company (brigade), have stated an estimation of satisfaction of performance of repair (building) works. Results of the analysis are presented in tables.

The analytics on Vinnitsa researches is prepared by Marketingovo-analytical Group (MAGICIAN) by request of company Bud_velna is glad»

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